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What Does Your Life Journey Hold?

All of us have such great potential that is waiting to be uncovered to aid us on our life journey. This reading will go deep within to help you discover the essence within by utilizing the Western Placidus Natal Chart. It is meant to be an honest and transformative catalyst to help you dive deep within your nature, and find the priceless treasures within. 

This reading will focus on:

- Your Energetic Strengths -  We all have natural energetic qualities that enhance certain areas of our life. Whether some would admit it or not, we all make a GREAT impact on the world around us in each moment.

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice..." -Rush

Together, we collectively hold great purpose, though we are also beautifully different in the sense that we each have been given specific gifts and treasures within our individual soul blueprint. This unique blueprint is the essence that is meant to help plant seeds within ourselves and the world around us. 

It is my belief that you are a gift to yourself, and thus, to the world.

- Your Karmic Energies - By pointing out specific areas of your chart, I will uncover potential karmic energies. Karmic energies are areas of your life or energies within you that may challenge you or stand to be faced the most. Uncovering and highlighting Karmic energies can give us a great sense of theme, purpose, and potential. By understanding the karmic tests, gifts, and/or purpose in our life, we are able to create more direction, and continue to unlock what lay within on our journey.

By challenging ourselves to change our perception, even the greatest walls can be transformed into doorways.

-Your Hidden Nature- What drives you subconsciously? What do you share the least with others that could actually transform your life if the hidden energy were to be revealed? What untapped potential are you waiting to reveal to the world around you? By utilizing certain areas of your birth chart, this reading will uncover hidden desire natures that can help uncover energies that may bring about a greater sense of understanding the highest potential within.

-Weaknesses that can be turned into strengths- There is a saying that says "The wound is where the light gets in." I truly believe that uncovering our wounds and our fears can lead us to some of our greatest accomplishments. By uncovering specific challenges and/or karmic energies, this reading can reveal how to transform the energy into something where greater perspectives can be had, and weaknesses can be turned into your greatest strengths. 

"Fear is a doorway. It is the only thing that stands between you and your highest self."

Possible untapped desires- It takes us years sometimes, to fully uncover energies within, this reading will reveal an interpretation of the possible desire nature and drives that lead your life. 

-Answering any specific questions that you may have to add substance to this reading.

By understanding ourselves, we can navigate the world around us with greater confidence, acceptance, and love. By understanding ourselves, we understand others. We are the lighthouse. We create the light to illuminate the path to freedom, love, liberation, and happiness.

So much love to you! Thank you for your support and I truly hope you enjoy!

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