Priority (Same Day) Intuitive Consultation

Priority (Same Day) Intuitive Consultation


-A priority reading will be received within the same day (California Time // PST) as purchased, given that the reading is purchased before 8pm PST. -

This is a 30 minute pre-recorded reading designed to answer a specific question that you may have in regards to any area of life.

Perhaps your question may pertain to:
-Predictive Energies that are coming up for you!
-Love/Partnership Questions.
-Potential energies revolving certain opportunities or dates in your life.
-Career Path.
-Soul Purpose?
-Anything else? Lets get creative! I am happy to answer. :)

You will receive a link to an unlisted Youtube link (for your eyes only) containing your pre-recorded reading on the same day as purchase. If a priority reading is purchased after 8pm PSTthen it will be received the following day.

(Keep in mind, as stated in The Terms and Conditions Agreement, readings and any of its entities are not designed to replace professional help or assistance and should only be purchased with this understanding. If you desire to inquire about serious issues or life changing decisions that would require professional help, it is lovingly encouraged that you choose to seek out a professional who can assist you.)

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