Partnership Energetic Analysis (Extensive)

Partnership Energetic Analysis (Extensive)


One of my favorite readings to do. :)

The goal of the Partnership Energetic Analysis reading is to understand the full beneficial effects and potentialities of two lovers. By utilizing both the Western Placidus Synastry and Composite charts, this reading will include the following.

- Full extensive insight on your mental, physical/sexual, and spiritual compatibility. (People have different Love, Emotional, Mental, Sexual, and Spiritual desires and needs. It is important for partnerships to contain enough compatibility to keep the love growing and flowing!)

- Possible Karmic Ties ( Karmic ties can often point to incredible magnetic pulls within the relationship and/or important areas of growth that are meant to be addressed or healed within one or both partners. )

- The greatest potential areas of growth and expansion between both partners. How one partner may help the other and vice versa, and distinguishing the areas of growth that are most fulfilled.

- Areas of weakness that may need to be focused on in order to nurture the relationship and help it flourish and endure. Sometimes there are certain triggers within us that our partnerships can bring to light. This reading is intended to help you understand you and your partner better so that you can better uncover the hidden messages within to understand your connection much better. 

-A choice of using the Shadowscapes Tarot Deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law (no charge added) to decipher potential extensive messages within that may help add insight and substance to certain energies where it feels useful. 

(This is an extensive pre-recorded reading in which a link to an Unlisted Youtube video link will be sent to you via email within 5-10 business days of purchase.)

Thank you so much for your purchase. It is truly appreciated! Please Enjoy. :) 


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