Karmic Purpose & Inner Essence

Karmic Purpose & Inner Essence


A 30 minute pre-recorded chart reading to get you acquainted with yourself, in which I will point out essential parts of your essence, key parts of your karmic purpose, as well as predictive insight into what may be coming into your life soon. :)

The purpose of this reading is to find the embedded aspects within your chart to share with you, pieces of your Inner Essence & Karmic Purpose. By going over qualities and gifts within you that are special and unique, I uncover layers of the self that can bring about questions and answers within you to help you navigate inner workings to further cultivate truth and happiness within yourself and your life. 

This reading is a 30 minute pre-recorded reading.  Within 4 to 5 days of placing your order, a link to an unlisted Youtube video will be made available to you via email. 


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