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Who is LotiOpii/LotusOpus?


You can call me Morgan. :)

I am the creator of LotusOpus, Freedom Catalyst & Intuitive/Empathic Life-Coach, Manifestation Guide, Tarot & Astrological Reader, Subliminal and Meditative High-Vibe Content Creator, Humanitarian, Minimalist Nomad, Nature-Lover.


Mission of LotusOpus 

I am dedicated to helping people unleash their greatest potential, fulfill their desires, achieve inner peace, and create a better world as a result. It is my belief that a better world comes from happy people who are cultivating love for themselves by doing inner work, shaking nasty belief systems, opening their eyes to see opportunities using the magic within, and fully owning and stepping into their greatest power. I believe everyone can live a life that fully serves their highest good if they are willing to believe it is possible. Lets make this possible together, and let me know how I can help you.

Many people are chasing success, chasing wealth, chasing love, constantly seeking outside of themselves to achieve a life full of happiness. Unfortunately many people don’t realize that chasing what they desire is creating the exact opposite of what they want. It is my belief that when we finally begin to go within and train ourselves to respond instead of react to outside circumstances, learn how to love ourselves, and stay committed to loving our emotions, mind, spirit and body, we can begin to fully align with the life of our dreams. 


We can fully step into our ultimate power.


As a Freedom Catalyst/Empathic Coach, I help others according to their own experiences, desires and dreams. I don’t believe in one strategy for success. I am here to help you unleash your potential whether it is by way of an intuitive reading or a personalized coaching session to help you get unstuck and fully step into your power.


What I do:


  • Help others learn to Manifest Love, Abundance, and Opportunities they deserve by utilizing a variety of methods and tools that I will determine to cater to specific needs and desires.
  • Offer constructive guidance to help you get “unstuck” and fully step into your power and potential.
  • I also offer readings that create guidance for your current circumstances. 



What I won’t do:


  • Cater to your limiting beliefs or sugar-coat advice. I will unconditionally hold space for you, but I don’t intend to offer services that will enable your limiting beliefs or habits. Transformation is meant to be fun-comfortable and we must learn to sit with our truths. I only invite clients who are willing to be ALL-IN when it comes to catalyzing their lives. This means that I invite clients that are willing to be curious, open to trying new things, open to constructive guidance and are open to develop greater love and self awareness through the process. If this sounds compelling to you, then great! If you feel that you desire someone who enables your limiting habits and beliefs, then this may not be the service for you. 
  • I also won’t predict your future or tell you anything that you cannot change during the readings I offer. I only will tell you what energy is coming in or leaving as well as a variety of other things that are within your control. Your future is in your hands and I only intend to empower you and give you progressive guidance. I believe readers that make you feel doomed, fearful or cause feelings of unworthiness are doing their work unskillfully or without integrity. The events of our lives are mostly fueled by the thoughts, words and actions we create that shape our reality, and a plethora of other lessons and blessings in disguise that we may not be able to fully understand. It is not our job to be fearful or grasp onto the future. It is our job to step into our power, and become accountable for how we respond to our lessons and blessings.
  • I will not judge you for who you are or what you’ve done. We are all human. I believe that imperfection is meant to be embraced in order to create the power that we seek. I am here to help you empower your unlimited potential. 
  • I will not tell you that you need more sessions or attempt to push specific services onto you. You are more than welcome to know when my services have served you well enough. As long as they have assisted you, that is all that matters.


If all of this sounds like it can be of your benefit, I invite you to reach out to see  what we can create together.

Don’t ‘When’ on your happiness. 

-30 Minutes - $55.00-
-1 Hour - $105-
-2 Hours - $130-

- Currently holding Skype sessions seven days a week from 10:00am - 9:00pm Pacific Time-



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— I Haven’t Given Up on The World— 


The world would and absolutely can be a better place if more people focused on self-love by taking the steps necessary to do inner-work each day. 


In this age of information, many people are:


-Distracted and compulsive

-Constantly depriving and disrespecting their bodies and minds

-Have greater stress, and less time and resources to cope

-Stuck in their comfort zones despite their suffering

-Suppressed and in denial of their true wants and desires

-Less abundant despite our being apart of the most comfortable generation to exist on our planet

-Taking unconscious actions out of fear and doubt, or doing what they believe they SHOULD do instead of cultivating true happiness through the self-love they deserve.


These are some of the main reasons that cause many people to turn on themselves through unhealthy habits and turn on others. It only furthers the pain and suffering that exists on this planet. 


I believe that our smallest actions are incredibly powerful. 

I believe that creating a better life and better world begins with us.

It begins with understanding our greatest source of power and love. 

It starts inside.


Many people want to blame the outside, and that is fine. 

But I truly believe in starting with ourselves if we want change, and that is why LotusOpus.com is here.


This is why I always say “Love yourself, Love your life.”


And this is absolutely 100% why I am dedicated to helping people step into their personal power. 


A portion of profits from LotusOpus.com products, services and donations are always gifted to select charities that benefit the eco-system and offer assistance to those who are in need.