432hz Oceanic Delta Waves For Rest and Relaxation

432hz Oceanic Delta Waves For Rest and Relaxation


This track contains 30 Minutes of Delta Waves, nature sounds, ocean waves, and relaxing rhythmic sounds that are meant encourage deep breathing, rest, and relaxation.

A delta wave is a high amplitude brain wave with a frequency of oscillation between 0.5-4 hertz. Delta waves are often associated with deep stage 3 of sleep, and so this track is best used for meditation or sleep purposes. All tracks are tested and used by myself with the intent of understanding the effect on the listener before their release. :)

Please do not use this track while driving or operating heavy machinery. This track is not meant to replace medical treatment. 

I am so grateful for everyone that supports LotusOpus by listening to or purchasing audio tracks, products and services. Thank you, so very much.

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