These Beliefs Will Keep You From Having What You Want! 😯🤔

Hello Lovelies,



A little update. Daily readings are UP-LEVELING to inspired messages. Inspired messages come by way of the heart, and they come to uplift, inspire, get totally real, sometimes a little raw, and are made to connect with you in a way that helps you connect with your unlimited potential and tap into the endless source of love within. YOU ARE THE LIGHTHOUSE, yo!


Todays Inspired Message is brought to you by the beautiful gift of recognizing our limiting beliefs. That is right -- Negative feelings can be considered GIFTS. Once we begin to see them this way, our whole life can change. Shadow turns to light. 


The consistent practice of transcending limiting beliefs and re-centering back to my truth each day has been a great way for me to cultivate more happiness and overall ~PEACE~ into my life. I fall, I fail, again and again. But each time I get back up, I find myself becoming more and more aware, more and more honest and in alignment with my fullest potential, each and every day.


So. What about yourself, lovely?


What are some limiting beliefs that you feel compelled to address today? 

How would it change your life if you dropped these beliefs to create space for love and all of the things that you are worthy of having?

How would your life change?

Your relationships?

Your outer world?

Your inner world?


How do we transcend limited beliefs? --


By being honest with ourselves about having them.


Practive the awareness of them as they come up.


By loving ourselves through the process of releasing them into peace.


Doing the shadow work, allowing ourselves to feel the resistance, sitting with it, cultivating acceptance and compassion by nurturing ourselves in our fullest expression, and watching our lives change before our very eyes, like magic! ;)


It’s That Love Magic Baby, Oh yeah!


Sending you so much love,