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Mercury Retrograde has my internet running VERY slow the last two days. A one hour upload has suddenly turned into a seven hour upload. I could complain, but this is an opportunity, I am sure. This is a part of my journey I am willing to accept and be adaptable to and I am asking you gorgeous souls to be patient as well. While I am tending to pre-recorded readings, the rest of the Solar Eclipse Extended Reading uploads (LIBRA up next) and a few other tasty treats, I felt compelled to extend more channels of connection with you all just in case these things happen in the future AND to connect with you lovelies further as well as give you some special details on some major things coming up for LotusOpus. :)))

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The Inspired Message For Today is MIND (Osho ZenTarot Deck) 

Perfect for Mercury Retrograde, Right? ;D

Today, the inspired message is about becoming a witness of your thoughts instead of a prisoner of them, nor allowing your thoughts to become a slave to you.

Check in with yourself today from time to time.
Are your thoughts serving your highest good?
Are they justifying actions that DON’T serve your highest good?
Are they limiting you from giving yourself unconditional Love?
Are you analyzing so much that you are paralyzing yourself from taking actions that serve you?
Is your BOREDOM and RESTLESSNESS creating the desire to entertain illusionary dramas or chase things that are compulsive, instead of --helpful--?

Believe me, I understand! :) I have totally catered to these experiences and still catch myself doing things like this. Its normal. Its human. It is a part of the journey.

When we allow our thoughts to control our actions instead of our heart, sometimes we can be lead to do things that don’t actually serve us or others. We may find ourselves meandering through a field of thoughts, catering to each one until we feel like we’ve gone down the rabbit hole and have successfully convinced ourselves of the lie that we are terrible, others are against us, and/or our experiences AREN’T serving us.

When in truth, everything is a gift, everything is pointing you back to you. Everything is a guide to help you better understand your unconditional love and the plethora of opportunities around you. 

Opportunities aren’t just -actions-.
Opportunities are making the CHOICE to change our perception.
Sometimes an opportunity is making the CHOICE to choose love over separation.
Sometimes an opportunity is making the CHOICE to step away from compulsive thoughts and behaviors. This is choosing love as well. :)
We always have the opportunity to move into alignment with what it is that we truly desire. I like to call this, the 'soul desire.' 'Soul desires' are more purposeful and valuable than compulsive desires.

If you find yourself playing “mind games”, or you find others projecting or getting stuck in their own limited thinking, take time to re-connect with your heart/highest self. If something doesn’t feel RIGHT, it is because it doesn’t align with truth. And truth is pointing back to an opportunity to center yourself, to experience truth, and to give yourself the unconditional love you deserve, as well as live a life that is truly fulfilling.

-Love Love-