Responding Instead of Reacting to Create Love, Movement & Compassion // Fox Totem Messages

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Last night I had a very interesting dream that I was inspired by and felt compelled to share with you. Foxes have been incredibly prevalent in my life as of late. I will see them fluttering through the woods outside of my apartment on occasion. They have been so prevalent, in fact, that one day recently, a fox ran in front of my car and I almost hit it. Thankfully I didn’t! 

And so of course, in my dream last night, a vibrant orange fox approached me without hesitancy as if to share an important message with me. As soon as it approached I reached my hand out to stroke its face in loving response. As soon as I did this, the protective instinctual side of the fox kicked in and it began to make gnarling noises. I was surprised by this and my body jumped as my hand froze in place next to the foxes mouth. I didn’t want to scare it with any quick responses. To my surprise, instead of biting me, the fox stayed put, continuing to respond aggressively with its posture. I became aware of this moment as a teacher to my own energetic response and purposely allowed myself to shift into a state of ease. Because I was in a state of ease, the fox relaxed also. What a great message this was to me.

The Fox Totem sends us a message of quick cunning response to adapt to our experiences. Instead of reacting to my experience, I responded. Instead of running away or defending myself, I asked myself how I could quickly respond in a way that would be loving and beneficial to both myself and this lovely orange teacher.

Orange is the color of the Sacral Chakra - A beautiful teacher of sexual and creative energies. It is a vibrant reminder of freedom and independence. It nurtures healthy boundaries with joy, enthusiasm and curiosity!

As I write this, I am remembering that I am wearing an orange shirt today. haha! Its so beautiful that we are always consciously and subconsciously inviting healing energy into our lives. Our soul knows just what we need. :)


I share this message with you today as a reminder that we all have the ability to respond instead of react to our environment in each moment. And how we respond can transform a show down with a gnarly fox into a miraculous breakthrough with a great teacher. We are incredibly talented creators, and our creative energies are always flowing and opening doorways to countless opportunities in each moment.

What will you RESPOND to, today?