Wanting New Life Means Creating Space For New Life

Hello beautiful Soul Fam,

With so many planets moving into retrograde currently, and the spring season inviting new births of many kinds into our lives, I thought it would be lovely to meditate on thoughts of 'spring cleaning' today.

Inviting new things into our life can be compared to picking up something with your hand. Ask yourself today, 'Do I already have something in my hands that I need to put down, in order to pick up what I desire?' ;)

When we desire to create new, God, The Universe, Mother Nature..etc.. seems to bring about "challenges" that test our ability to transcend our old ways. I like to think of these experiences as natures expressions of love and profound wisdom, in which we are being kindly invited to let go of what no longer serves us in order to trade the old in for something that better serves us. Our resistance can turn these beautiful invitations into experiences that are more destructive and challenging. 

When we send out the vibration of desire for something new and beautiful into the universe, as 'The Alchemist' author Paulo Coelho says, "...the universe will conspire to help us achieve it..." Although, in this process, we are given signs to "spring clean" and let go of the old, in order to create space for what beautiful experiences lay ahead.

It can feel scary to surrender ourselves to natures love tests at times. Sometimes it can feel so very tempting to cling to what makes us feel momentarily secure, instead of allowing ourselves to step outside of our comfort zone in order to experience much more authentic happiness and growth. Often times, the moments we decide to surrender, allow vulnerability, accept fear, and leap into the unknown, are the moments we remember that our hearts are the greatest source of trust and comfort. 

Listen to the signs you receive today lovely soul. Listen to your hearts desires, and let it guide you as you release what no longer serves you. Good luck on your 'spring cleaning.'

Love Always,